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EU acrylamide legislation: Are your products compliant?

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Acrylamide levels across the EU are subject to a monitoring and benchmarking scheme. This requires food and beverage manufacturers to aim for As Low As Reasonably Achievable (ALARA) acrylamide levels. The scope of the scheme was recently broadened with a new, non-exhaustive list of products to be monitored. More potato, bakery and cereal products than ever before are now included in the scheme. The list also covers a variety of other foods including root vegetable fries, fruit crisps and cocoa powder.

The scheme’s benchmarks are also in the legislative spotlight. Regulation currently under consideration proposes adjustments to them. The same legislation also proposes that maximum limits be introduced. Whether or not the legislation passes, it will raise awareness among health-conscious consumers and retailers, leading to increasing demands for lower acrylamide levels. 

Join our webinar to find out what impact this legislative activity has on products you sell into EU markets. The panel will also share a simple, efficient way to check your products’ compliance and let you know what steps you can take to go well beyond compliance in a broad range of applications. 

You can also take part in a question and answer session with the speakers Søren Rasmus Beyer Langkilde, Flemming Mark Christensen and Nadine Muro Jimenez after the webinar. 

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Søren Rasmus Beyer Langkilde

Regulatory Affairs Manager, Novozymes

Søren has 20 years of experience within the food industry and a PhD in food science. His broad experience in industry and government includes acting as an advisor to companies and control officers. He’s also managed and negotiated legislation at national and EU level in the areas of food supplements, fortified foods, sports nutrition, slimming foods, allergy foods and health claims.

Flemming Mark Christensen

Regional Marketing Manager, Novozymes

Flemming has almost 40 years’ experience in various marketing and sales roles in Novozymes’ food enzyme division. For the past few years, he’s been involved in identifying key innovations relevant to the main market trends in Food & Beverages. Flemming is passionate about connecting food science to end consumers and about shaping a better food value chain.

Nadine Muro Jimenez

Industry Technology Specialist, Novozymes

Nadine puts her food science education to good use in her role as an Industry Technology Specialist with our Technical Services team. Her passion for widening access to healthier and more nourishing foods strengthens her commitment to helping customers improve their food products with enzymes. Nadine´s previous experience with companies including Nestlé and Mondelez ensures she combines an insider’s view of producers’ needs and challenges with a keen understanding of end-consumers’ needs.