Inside plant-based meat trends (and how to get ahead of them)


Do you wonder what’s next for the plant-based meat industry?

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In this free joint webinar hosted by Novozymes & Mintel, Food & Beverage expert Alice Pilkington will uncover the latest trends, market insights, and key product launches that are shaping this dynamic landscape. Discover the secrets behind consumer preferences and the essential changes that are needed to elevate their experience, focusing on texture, labeling, and the entire consumer journey. 

You will also get a sneak peek into Novozymes revolutionary Vertera® ProBite together with Novozymes technical lead for this Vertera® solution, Ida Carlsen Virklund and Business Development Manager Jan Wøidemann, and engage in a live Q&A session with Alice, Ida & Jan. 

Don't miss out on this opportunity to gain valuable insights and learn what we’re planning for our next webinar in the plant-based meat alternatives realm.

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Alice Pilkington


joined Mintel’s Global Food and Drink team as a Senior Global Food and Drink Analyst in 2023, having worked within the UK team since October 2019. She is responsible for providing consumer insights and actionable recommendations on Mintel’s portal, as well as delivering regular client presentations on a range of food and drink topics. Recent presentations have included the future of flexitarianism, cooking in the home in the UK and Mintel's 2024 Food and Drink Trends.

Alice’s areas of expertise include the Global Food and Drink Industry, Market Research and Consumer Insights. She has been interviewed on Radio 4 and has been mentioned in media publications such as The Guardian and Marketing Week.

Ida Carlsen Virklund


joined Novozymes’ plant-based innovation team in early 2021, and over those past 3 years, Ida has been on a mission to find the answers to perfect textures in plant-based meat. Her dedication has culminated in her role as the technical lead behind the groundbreaking biosolution: Vertera® ProBite. Ida holds a M.Sc. Biotechnology Engineering from Technical University of Denmark.

Jan Wøidemann


has 40 years of experience in global business development, marketing, sales and innovation in primarily the food and medical technology sectors. Jan has been with Novozymes for 12 years, working in various business development, partnership management and innovation roles. He is currently driving the global launch of Novozymes’ first biosolution for the plant-based meat industry. Jan holds a M.Sc. in business management from the University of Southern Denmark, Odense.